THe Pack

Believe it or not you need to take stuff with you when camping. The real pain is knowing what to take, but especially what not to.

Honestly, I've been looking at gear for a decade, seen thousands of tents and bags and packs and cups and sporks and toilet paper packing methods that everyone and their brother swears by. The problem is there is there is literally just too much information and too many options to make good choices now days. So thats what we have fixed. We have taken it upon ourselves to make all the mistakes before you do. And what do we offer you? What is the result of all this failure and sleepless nights?


A camping trip in a bag - just grab some food and you're good to go. All the basic gear you need to make sure that your first time doesn't have the combined effect of thanksgiving at your mother-in-law's. Also known as Dante's inferno or low budget waterboarding.

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