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We thought camping could use some help.

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Outwhere tames the multi year learning curve of the camping goods market with engaging humor and personality that conveniently and effectively equips customers with information and useful gear.


The first time I went camping I was 12. When I woke up and crawled out of the car in the middle of nowhere, I had no idea what to expect. It It was a backpacking trip with my boy scout troop in western Virginia. Minutes later i had my gear and was ready to go, far before everyone else was. I laid down to look at the sky and trees. I tried to sit up. Nothing happened. I tried to roll. Nothing.  110 pound me was stranded on my back with a 40 pound of anchor strapped to me. Even after my scout leaders unshackled me ( because i had no idea how to get the backpack off) and repacked, i still was rocking a stupidly heavy pack. Then we hiked 6 miles. The hike was not the best.


If you've ever been camping I think everyone has a story like this. Enthusiasm turns to misery when you find out you’re missing something that is really mission critical. Like toilet paper. MISSION CRITICAL.


Outwhere’s goal is to take someone with a very limited knowledge base and limited gear and transform them from suffering bear bait to actually enjoying their first Adventure in the great outdoors. 

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