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Kammok Firebelly - $279

4.3 Rating     Reviews

Best for

Beginners | 2 People | 25-50*F |

Other Category Verticals | 

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Relationship Disclosure: Kammock sent this to us for free for us to try out and promptly attempt to destroy.

This doesn't really effect our review, but its only fair you know where we stand.

This blanket will keep you warm in a light Colorado snowstorm if you're in a tent by a campfire. Don't go backcountry backpacking in it. Please.  

what we saw with this gear is that it is really cool looking. but it also tends to be cooler than the $300 dollar price tag would suggest.

Its absolutely packed with features for being in the category of being a camping or adventure blanket. 

It works great as a sleeping bag liner or a hammock shield. {{{ Its lacks as a hammock shield when you leave the brand and use and eno though, as its just not long enough to fully encapsulate you.}}}

BOth the drawstrings and the snaps are really great innovations that I can't say enough about. all blankets shoul have somthing like kammock has done. Both are tough and worked flawlessly for me. 

Only potential drawback is that the firebelly isnt waterproof. Now being waterproof doenst really fit well with the design or general construction, but in my opinion if it was waterproof instead of just water resistant, that would make it an instant buy or camping staple for most anyone, regardless of skill.

All that said though, now that I have it, its becoming a staple of my camping loadout and has become very useful multiple times.

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