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I Love ( LOVe LOVE) Suffering out in the woods!!!!!! 

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Camping advice that actually helps

hear some Real talk; not just thinly veiled marketing.

See our system

Check out how we determine whats awesome and whats possum. Our criteria, our notes, and what we look for.  And if we missed something, I'm sure yall will send a super loud and unnecessarily rude email to point that out

-- how we choose our products to begin with;

beginner/entry-level/use  by our target demo/reasonably priced/from 20+ years of experience camping

We actually hurt the gear

We hurt the gear so bad, it's almost personal.

Seriously, we abuse this stuff so you know what you are getting and how much you can get away with.

Commentary and tales of old

We took an axe to the learning curve, so you can get useful information without dropping a couple grand and like 2 weeks of your life learning how to camp.

--Why  our blog is more helpful and useful than other camping blogs - we're solving your actually learning curve, not hypothetically climing Everest

How we broke it down (or maybe... THE quickie and the Stickie

Great Advice
Great Advice

[insert galleries divided by category - experiment to find out the best way to phrase the categories/divide them

- sliding galleries 

- skill level: beginners (all the things beginners need + walkthrough/use videos), intermediate, advanced

---^^^that is the most user-friendly and differentiating 

(product area) - attention grabber -> niche grabber

vvv the top video or video compilation


camping how-to's

our vlog teaches you everything you need to know about camping essentials in 5 wild minutes of fun. 


*I mean, don't sue us if you're seeing Kevin Hart live tonight.


Also, invite us. 

insert horizontal scrolling gallery of video clips 

(remember, prioritize teaching over selling for the time being) 

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