"Camping Should Be Really Hard."

- Said no one ever

We're going to make the outdoors easier.

Even if you don't really know what trees are.

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Gear that makes
camping a breeze

(Even if you're not POSITIVE you could tell a stick from a tree)

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Don't know what you're doing?

we've made most of the mistakes possible, so it might be worth learning a few lessons the easy way.

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We're here to make the outdoors easier.

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Basic Blades

What kind of knife you need to *not* die out there in the woods.

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Gear you need, nothing you don't

because infinite scroll is infinitely boring

Easiest Tents

Warmest Sleeping Bags

Fastest Firestarters


Why this is the best tent for beginners

Genesee 4 Person Tent

$ 199.95 

Tent C

$ 350 

Sleeping Bag

Why this is best sleeping bag for beginners

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Why this is best blanket for beginners.

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Lets Get you what you need

We are going to give you the information you need to have a stress-free Adventure in 30 seconds. yep, that's really all it'll take.

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Here you go adventurer. Now go out there with confidence!

We're here to make the outdoors easier.

About Us

We're here to make the outdoors easier.

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two friends.
And a love of the outdoors.

(except one knows camping like he knows LOTR. THe other just knows LOTR)

About Us

We're here to make the outdoors easier.

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