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We're here to make the outdoors easier.

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Well hello there.

We are John Neefus and Sophia O'Neal, two friends who are vastly different on just about every topic imaginable - except the fact that we both love to camp and we think anyone can camp - and that we can show them how.

John's been camping for YEARS. He's an Eagle Scout and a lifelong outdoorsy adventurer.

Sophia's been camping 3 times, but loves the outdoors and has a knack for making any hobby a company.  After her camping last trip, she though that it should be wayyy easier to learn how to camp and know what gear to get when you don't know what you don't know.

Turns out John thought the same thing.

So together they started what would become OutWhere. That was in 2018. Now they're ready to unleash this hilarious experiment on the rest of the world.

Here's to making the Outdoors Easier.

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The OutWhere Team

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